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It's About the Experience

Jackie Carpenter 4/27/2023

While many clubs prioritize creating outstanding member experiences, they must also focus on creating positive employee experiences. There are 10.4 million jobs open and only 5.7 million unemployed Americans, which means it is an employees’ world when it comes to job opportunities.

Creating a positive employee experience boils down to one thing: how employees feel at work. This includes how they are treated, how much or little they are invested in, how they are valued, if they are respected, whether their feedback/ideas are incorporated, etc. For too long clubs placed all the emphasis on the members, but the truth is that without high-quality, loyal employees, clubs cannot provide outstanding member experiences no matter how impressive their facilities may be.

Take some time with your team to evaluate how your employee experience could be enhanced. Here are some areas to consider:

-          Retrain controlling, inexperienced or out of touch managers/supervisors.

-          Upgrade employee facilities such as locker rooms, restrooms, cafeterias, server stations, etc.

-          Enhance/clean up employee entrances.

-          Improve employee food and beverage offerings.

-          Add training for employees on all levels.

-          Offer employee education to help them in their personal lives such as financial education/assistance, etiquette classes, college savings advice, home improvement recommendations, etc.

-          Hold off-property events for employees to bond, get to know each other and have fun outside of work.