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Desperate Times

Jackie Carpenter 6/15/2022

With the cost of everything continuing to climb, many Americans are struggling to pay their bills and fill their gas tanks. Crime rates are on the rise with record numbers of car jackings, thefts and robberies being reported in certain parts of the country.

And as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures...

Is your club on high alert for potential security issues? Clubs are often viewed as easy targets because of their abundance of affluent people and often lax security measures. It’s a good time to warn members not to leave valuables visible in their vehicles, to lock car doors and report any suspicious persons or activity to club personnel promptly. During these challenging times, those looking to make a quick buck may find checking private club parking lots for unlocked car doors a worthwhile endeavor.

Have you considered ways to boost your security efforts recently? Perpetrators can easily hide amid the hustle and bustle of members coming and going during the busy summer months. Perhaps dedicating some time to consider adding additional security measures or security cameras would be beneficial. You might also refocus the team on practices such as ensuring doors to liquor/wine storage areas, employee entrances, halfway houses, and pool snack bars are consistently secured. At minimum, sending regular communications to members and employees reminding them to be vigilant of security measures even when on club property, is as important as ever.