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Should We Lower Our Expectations?

Jackie Carpenter 5/4/21

During the pandemic, customers had to get used to the fact that service wasn’t what it used to be. Things took longer, staff was limited, rules were endless and excuses were acceptable answers.

As COVID-19 subsides and more businesses open back up to normal operations, should we lower our expectations for service? Should we plan that things won’t be as fast as they once were? Will people (members!) be more accepting of things taking longer?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve (recently!) heard the phrase “that item is backed up because of COVID.” Even though the pandemic may be ending, there are still lasting effects to manufacturing, production and ordering processes. Amazon items and shipping from many online retailers just seem to take longer…and for myriad reasons.

Now add into the mix the tremendous shortage of workers across numerous industries. When companies (clubs!) can’t find workers–much less qualified or experienced workers–it is certainly going to impact the end result–member service.

So should we lower our expectations? I don’t really have an answer…it’s more of an observation. Is our instant gratification society actually going to take a step back and be patient? Will members be content with slower service? I’m no expert but I foresee challenges ahead…