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Jackie Carpenter 1/4/2022

As we settle in to the New Year, we often look ahead with anticipation for what the year ahead will hold. While no one can be certain, one thing is for sure: People will be the focus! People – more specifically, employees – will be the focus for several reasons:

1)    Nearly every industry is trying to attract employees and many struggle to find candidates to fill open positions. The labor shortage has no end in sight and we’ve seen what can happen to service, customer satisfaction, supply chains and company morale when employee rosters are nowhere near full.

2)    Gone are the days where “employees are replaceable.” When qualified and experienced employees leave, even those in managerial or supervisory roles, there is no guarantee you will find a replacement. Therefore, employee retention has never been more crucial than it is today. Offering competitive compensation packages, ongoing development opportunities and creating caring, supportive work cultures are all essential for retention.  

3)    The expectation for acceptable has changed. People (workers) expect to be treated better. This means they expect that bosses will be fair, helpful and supportive. They expect positive work experiences and they seek companies where employees are valued, invested in and encouraged to learn. When employees are treated poorly, they become frustrated and leave. Therefore, training and educating managers/supervisors to treat employees with respect, equity and kindness will become increasingly important.

4)    Mental health is in the limelight. People are prioritizing mental health as a necessity and society is increasingly aware of its importance. Work-life balance, taking vacation and overall health and wellness are becoming priorities in the workplace.

Taking all of this into account, the People First philosophy has never been as important as it will be in 2022! Recognizing employees as people with needs and feelings is no longer a “warm and fuzzy” but rather, a necessity. Creating kinder, more uplifting and supportive work cultures are what workers are seeking and if your club isn’t providing it, your potential and current employees are looking for employment opportunities elsewhere.  

Check out the recently released book: People First: The 5 Steps to Pure Human Connection and a Thriving Organization for more info!