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What Reopening Really Looks Like

Jackie Carpenter 5/1/20

As several states make plans to reopen, it presents feelings of excitement (Yay for some sense of normalcy!) and also presents some concerns (Is it too early? Does this bring about a false-sense of security? How will we operate and yet maintain social distancing?). 

Living in an unprecedented time means there is no roadmap for how to proceed. However, clubs should be looking ahead and carefully planning for the near future, not just waiting to see how things play out. 

Consider discussing the following questions:

·         What areas/facilities at your club will be able to open and when?

·         Which areas/facilities make sense to open? (This may be different from the above question.)

·         What will the club do to ensure employees are kept safe and that they follow precautions? (No employees gathering, maintaining social distancing between themselves and members, not sharing commonly touched items such as trays, computer screens, pens, ice scoops, etc.)

·         Do you have access to ample sanitation supplies and/or protective equipment (Clorox wipes, facemasks, gloves, etc.)?

·         How many sanitation supplies will you need with additional sanitation measures (wiping down dining chairs and tables after each use, etc.)?

·         What training or retraining of employees will need to occur?

·         How will social distancing be enforced with members? (Markers on the floor, signage, etc.)

·         When members do not comply with precautions or social distancing requirements, how will it be handled and by whom?

·         How will dining room, fitness, tennis or swimming pool access be measured, monitored and enforced if they can be open but only utilized at half capacity?

There is a lot for clubs to process, consider and adhere to. While everyone is anxious to “return to normal,” that may not be feasible for quite some time. Preparation and planning is essential for a successful reopening.