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How Proud Are You?

Jackie Carpenter 05/9/18

 At the National Club Association annual conference last month, Brian Walshe, the CEO of Viceroy Hotel Group explained how powerful an organization of proud people can be. Viceroy Hotel Group owns several exclusive resorts around the world and presidential suites in some of their properties rent for $22,000 a night! Can you imagine the expectations you would have of a property if you were paying $22,000 per night to stay there?

Walshe shared that he changed his title from CEO to “Chief Pride Officer” because pride is the most powerful force in business today. “When people are proud, turnover decreases, productivity increases and people are happier,” he said. Walshe does everything possible to ensure his employees are proud of the work they are doing because proud employees make sure guests are proud. “And when guests are proud, they become ambassadors for your business.”

What could you do to spark pride in your people, both employees and members? Can you tell which employees are proud and which are not? Are your members proud of their club? If yes, why? If no, why not?

To begin bringing pride into the discussion at your club, consider implementing one change immediately. Instead of asking each other “How are you today?” Walshe encourages you to ask, “How proud are you today?” He says this simple question will initiate powerful conversations at your club!