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5 Reasons You Need to Elevate Your Employee Experience

Jackie Carpenter 3/23/2022

Putting employees first, also known as People First, has always been the key to success in our minds. But today, it is a necessity. Nearly every industry is struggling to attract and retain employees and it’s impacting everything from the supply chain to customer service.

People First is about creating upbeat employee cultures where respect, care and (gasp) fun are the foundation. It’s about making work enjoyable, collaborative and fulfilling. We firmly believe that this is achieved by elevating the employee experience and it’s the only way companies are going to survive these turbulent times.

By focusing on your employees (People First!), you create better work experiences for your people because you genuinely care about them. When your employees have positive work experiences, they are happier, engaged, loyal and more willing to give their best efforts. Isn’t this what we all want?

Here are 5 reasons why you need to elevate your employee experience:

1)      According to a recent study conducted by Glassdoor, a toxic work culture was the biggest factor that led people to quit and it was ten times more important than pay in predicting turnover! If your employees are working in an environment that’s disrespectful, disingenuous, exclusive or filled with unethical behavior, they aren’t enjoying their work and they won’t stick around long-term.

2)      Thinking “employees are replaceable” is an outdated mindset. We’ve always hated this phrase because we believe people aren’t replaceable. Sure, you can fill the role with another human but the skills, knowledge, personality and experience an employee had cannot be replicated. Today, in the midst of a labor shortage, employees are not replaceable. If someone leaves your company, it is possible you won’t get ANY candidates to even apply for the position, much less have a hardy pool in which you can select a replacement. It’s the reason why companies should be doing everything possible to keep their employees happy. In times like this it may actually be more important than keeping customers happy. Think about it.

3)      The expectation for “acceptable” has changed. Workers expect to be treated better. They expect that bosses will be fair, helpful and supportive. They expect colleagues to be kind and respectful. Workers today seek work opportunities where they can learn, be valued and contribute. So when this doesn’t happen, they don’t tolerate it and leave.

4)      Mental health is in the limelight. People are prioritizing their mental health and society is increasingly aware of its importance. Work-life balance, taking vacation time and focusing on overall wellness are becoming more important in the workplace. Thus people are less willing to tolerate toxic work cultures, being treated poorly and spending hours a day doing something they don’t enjoy.

5)      People are starving for connection and places to belong. The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. It’s harder and harder to get someone’s undivided attention and most people are overwhelmed with tasks, things to do and life in general. When we create moments of human connection at work, people feel seen, heard and valued…and it matters. It matters to them personally and professionally and elevates their entire work experience. It’s not complicated but it is vital. The foundation for a People First work environment is pure human connection.

So, what can you do to elevate your employee experiences? Find out your coworkers’ pain points and work to eliminate them. Encourage people to be more collaborative and spark opportunities for teamwork. Create kinder, more supportive and more uplifting work environments. Get to know your colleagues and develop relationships with them. Be people working together at life, not just people working together at work. Don’t be overwhelmed by making changes…small things can have a big impact!