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Finding Great People in 2018 and Beyond

Jackie Carpenter 1/25/18

It is difficult to find great employees…and it is only going to get harder in 2018 and beyond. The difference maker is going to be your club culture and whether you truly value your most precious assetsyour people!

Many companies sayit, but fewliveit. A “People First” culture cannot be faked or phoned in. It must be an intentional, strategic initiative that is lived out by every person in the entire organization. It means that trust, respect, empathy and integrity are values evident on a daily basis. Leaders of “People First” cultures invest in, develop and nurture their people and the relationships they’ve established with them. “People First” cultures are made up of teammates who fuel one another through collaboration, encouragement and support. When “People First” is real, your club will be thriving! It produces results! It produces energy…and it is infectious!

As the world evolves and rapid, disruptive change continues, organizations will struggle to recruit and retain talented, loyal Rockstars. More millennials are establishing their careers and Gen Z’s are joining the workforce. The younger generations want to feel valued, invested in, cared for, appreciated and part of something bigger. Clubs that operate with a “do what you’re told” or a “power and title” mindset will continue to struggle to recruit and retain great employees.

Take a long, deep look at your club culture. Do you truly operate with your people (your employees’) best interests in mind? Do you place precedence on your people oryour bottom line? How do you invest, develop and nurture your employees and how often do you do it?

The next generations of employees thrive on a relationship-based leadership style. Today all employees want to be valued, appreciated, mentored and developed. If you want to attract, hire and retain great people who provide great value to your organization, you better get on board and start putting your People First!