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Keep Calm and Carry On

Jackie Carpenter 3/13/20

The spread of the Coronavirus has everyone feeling uncomfortable. With the news of several states declaring emergencies and the numerous cancelations of conferences, sporting events, concerts and other large gatherings, it’s no wonder people are freaking out. While the threatening pandemic does cause concern, this could also be a time for private clubs to be a place of refuge during the storm. 

If your club hasn’t sent out a letter to members, like the other 10,000 companies sending out notices about the COVID-19, now is the perfect time to do so. Rather than feed into the panic, send a letter that assures members the club is taking precautions but is still a safe place and an extension of members’ homes. Let your members know you are doing everything possible to keep the club safe for them and their families. 

Now is also a good time to remind members that the golf course, tennis courts and pickleball courts are very safe options for entertainment during this time. These outdoor activities (at most clubs) provide an opportunity for members to be social, active, get out of the house yet not be in close quarters with numerous other people. Many spring breakers have cancelled their trips and clubs could provide some outstanding small group activities for members and their families during this time. 

Rather than race to close your doors, be the calm comfort so many members are seeking right now. This is the perfect opportunity for clubs to stand strong, be proactive and provide for members in a true time of need.

*If you would like a sample letter to send to your members, please email*