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Navigating Two-Way Streets

Jackie Carpenter 11/09/2017

In private clubs there are many sources of headaches for GMs, but two of the big ones can be committees and employees. While both are critical for a successful private club, each has to be carefully managed.

Committee members provide insight, ideas and feedback which help guide programming and the direction of the club overall. While their input is incredibly valuable, club executives should also recognize the importance of communicating back to committee members as they are exceptional conduits of information to the rest of your membership. Sharing priorities, initiatives and achievements with committees helps send a positive, controlled message rippling through the entire membership.

Listening to suggestions and/or feedback from employees provides important insight as well. Sharing club goals, achievements and areas of focus in an honest and transparent way ultimately promotes the club’s big picture initiatives. Employees communicate with one another, members and guests as well as the community, in an organic way. Ensuring that the messages they are spreading are controlled and positive is essential for club success as well.

Navigating two-way streets refers to both receiving and sending messages to committees and employees in a way that benefits your club. Ensuring that both committee members and employees feel valued listened to and appreciated is the key to maximizing the positive ripple effect that can propel your club forward.