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What Really Matters at Your Club?

Jackie Carpenter 09/13/2017

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, it’s a good time to reflect on what is really important in life. So many people are experiencing the devastation of having no power, no water, no home and no normality to their lives. When all of the “stuff” has been stripped away it becomes evident what really matters in life. People. Relationships. Connection. Community.

I have been overwhelmed with emotion on numerous occasions watching videos of pick-up trucks hauling boats to Houston to help with recovery efforts, of police officers carrying children to safety in raging flood waters and watching victims left with nothing receive donations of common household items. Harvey and Irma destroyed so much but ultimately strengthened the communities they touched. They showed the world what really is important: people, relationships, connection and community.

How would you describe your club community? Do you encourage and nourish relationships between members? Do you foster connection between all your people (between the club and its members, between members and other members, with members and employees, and employees with the club?). Is creating community a priority?

When all the “stuff” at your club (facilities, amenities, etc.) is stripped away, what really makes your club special? What is the one thing another club cannot replicate? 

People. Relationships. Connection. Community.