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Prioritizing Employee Mental Health 

Jackie Carpenter 11/1/2023

Employee mental health and worker well-being is more important than ever. Creating a workforce where people feel valued, supported and cared for is not only more productive but it also leads to a positive club culture.  Now is the time for employers to prioritize their team’s mental health and make appropriate changes to support employee well-being.

Here is a list of concepts that are easy to implement to meet this initiative:

·  Create a culture where it is acceptable to talk about mental health. Let your employees know it's okay to speak up when they're feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

·  Offer resources like confidential counseling and mental health benefits. Make it easy for your team to get the help they need.

·  Cut back on the stress. Keep workloads manageable and give your team some flexibility. Encourage breaks, promote using vacation time and offer remote work options whenever possible.

·  Check in with employees regularly. By consistently checking in and checking on employees, you can identify potential challenges and offer solutions before issues escalate.

·  Promote physical health and wellness programs and create ways to engage employees in “extracurricular activities” such as 5K’s, walking groups, cycling opportunities, sporting activities, etc.

Looking out for your team's mental well-being is not only the right thing to do, but it also builds a happier and more productive team.